Hearing Aid Dryer

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Out of the many accessories needed to keep your hearing aid intact and working properly, the hearing aid dryer is probably the most important, as the #1 reason for hearing aid repairs is moisture-related malfunctions. Some hearing aids have a moisture resistance feature, which helps in combating this inconvenient aspect inherent in the use of hearing aids, but you will need to invest a pretty penny for this option on your hearing aid. So if you invest in a dependable hearing aid dryer, you will save some money on hearing aid repairs that range from $125 to over $200 depending on the problem with the hearing aid.

Audio Dry Features

One of the most advanced hearing aid dryer instruments is available on Amazon, dubbed Audio Dry Hearing Aid Dryer, using thermal science to achieve a high degree of dehumidification, with the following main features:

  • maintains a safe heat through self regulating heating properties
  • safe low voltage, AC powered
  • wax buildup becomes brittle and easy to remove
  • recommended cycle is 3-8 hours
  • one year manufacturer's warranty

Price Range of Hearing Aid Dryers

A hearing aid dryer can range in price from under $15 at eBay (Elegant Dehumidifier) to over $65 (Zephyr small-cased travel hearing aid dryer) at Allegro Medical. If you travel often, you may want to spend more to purchase a hearing aid dryer that is easy to carry. The Dry-Dock Electronic is a larger item but is more moderately priced under $55. JustBeKuz offers some of the same hearing aid dryers at higher prices (Fully-automatic Zephyr at just under $79), along with other more advanced dehumidifiers, such as Dry & Store™ Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Professional Model at around $165, and the Dry & Store™ Hearing Aid Dryer and Conditioning System Global II Model at just over $105 with features including the following:

  • Easy, one button operation
  • Holds up to two ear-level cochlear implant processors or four BTE hearing aids or one body-worn processor
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ships with the AC adapter and plug appropriate to the purchaser's country of origin.
  • Works with either the Dry-Brik desiccant or a rechargeable can-type desiccant.

Harris Communications offer an innovative brand of hearing aid dryer at around $69 branded Serene Innovations Renew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener HC-RENEW with some advanced features like:

  • Uses dry heat to remove moisture and condensation
  • Environmentally friendly - no chemicals or desiccants
  • Powerful UV light inhibits bacteria growth
  • Built-in battery tester
  • Easy-to-open compartment - even for people with arthritis
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Accommodates up to two pairs of hearing aids or Cochlear Implant processors
  • Compact and lightweight with universal AC adapter - use at home or on the road

Whichever brand of hearing aid dryer you select, you need to spend time researching the pros and cons of each type of hearing aid dryer.

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